Gone Nutt(zo)

Oh Nuttzo…where have you been all my life?!? 


Let me explain. Today I received a most anticipated package from the Nuttzo Nut butter company and as soon as I opened the package and saw the buttery goodness through the glass container….I knew today was going to be life changing (in the world of nut butter that is :)). 


As you all know, I am big on texture and flavor…..and Nuttzo PF (PF= peanut free)  provided me with both. The most amazing part of the spread is that you can truly taste each ingredient, every nut and seed, that had gone into this delicious creation. There are 7!  awesome, super food ingredients, all organic and all with a defined flavor in the butter: chia seeds, almonds, cashews, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, and hazel nuts! Swoon. 


This stuff is with out a doubt A-MAZE-ING. Naturally sweet from the nuts, smooth and crunchy all at the same time (crunchy from the whole chia and semi crushed nuts), and all around the top of my list of nut butters! As I have said before I totally love peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, and my newly found sunflower seed butter, but when you combine all my fav’s together in to one awesome, SUPER spread, I can’t help but fall in love….with a nut butter. LOL! 

that is one happy knife


As for the taste, the cashew and almonds are very definitive in the butter, but as I said before you truly can taste every single nut/seed in there. The more you eat the more you are able to taste all the different textures and flavors. 


I enjoyed my first Nuttzo experience with some fresh cut farmers market apples! No words. Just :)


If you have an opportunity to splurge on one foodie item this year….make it Nuttzo…..so undeniably worth it. 


Never fear, I did do more with my day than become addicted to nut butter. 

I had an bust day at work, despite it pouring all day<- a much needed break from the heat! Ussually when it rains people don’t venture out to get there laudrey, but I guess everyone was feeling brave today ’cause we were swamped. After work, I ran home andgrabbed a snack….. 

'rots and SSB w/apple-cereal bowl :)


then headed off to an audition for two upcoming shows at Theatre of Youth in downtown Buffalo. 



I have actually been in both of these shows before playing a younger role and am now auditioning for the two older posts. Check out some old production photos of shows I was in here.  

I was supposed to have a softball tournament game tonight, but it was cancelled because of the thunderstorms we’ve been having all day. So, mom and me had time to make an awesome dinner: 


Flanksteak Gyros (pronounced yros I think?). Gettin’ our Greek on! 



We had tzatzki sauce on the side (a simple yogurt dressing with cucumber and herbs). This was so good! 


Oh check out these books I bought today at our the bookstore (I had a buy one get one free coupon….SCORE!): 

love that figs are on the cover!!!


Tons of recipes and interesting info inside, I will definitely share some. 

PLL Update: My friend just finished the last book in the series and said it was such a cliffhanger. Apparently, A is finally revealed and I can’t wait to get to that book! I am almost done with the second book…only 6 more to go! 

I’m watching Green Zone right now (new Matt Damon movie)….pretty good, but I think I am missing some of it while blogging simultaneously, so I’m done for the night! Catch ya later! 

3 thoughts on “Gone Nutt(zo)

  1. ahh!! that nut butter looks to darn good!! and so does that iron. :)
    i checked the mail today..and it hasn’t arrived yet…i’ll let ya know! :)

  2. The NUTTZO looks really good and healthy! Where could I buy them? Are they sold at health stores only or chain grocery stores or do I have to purchase them online?

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