Hump Day Sundae

For those of you that have work this week (or SAT prep like me :(), its hump day!!! And the week is officially half over. YES! 

I have been so busy this week; from preparing and packing for China (I leave Monday!) to a double-header and a tournament for my travel team. Oh and lets not forget the four hours of SAT prep I have everyday this week. Summer has really gotten me out of the studying mentality and that class is making my brain hurt. LOL. At least I am there with my friends and the material is actually really helpful.

My morning started at 7 o’clock (I know, way top early for a summertime wake up), but it actually wasn’t to hard to get up because of what I had waiting for me. In honor of Katie’s giveaway over at her blog, I decided to take park in the breakfast sundae contest. And what could make a better sundae  than overnight oats. My sundae is opposite of how a normal on is however, cream on the bottom and icecream on the top.

The Whipp:

Topped with I’scream (cherry-nanner softserve) and “Sprinkles”.

Total yum in my tum. After this I was pumped to learn some SAT vocab!!! Okay well maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration. :)

Before I forget here are some pics from my friend, Kathy’s b-day dinner last night:

group photo fail numero uno

photo fail #2

It was a girls night and it was fuuuun. We went to a greek restaurant and got greek salads, souvlaki, and gyro’s. Delish! We topped it off with a chocolate molten cake split amongst the three of us.

Here are some eats from today:

lentil burger salad with ezekiel english muffin topped with fig and superfruit jam

Such a good lunch. I was starved when I came home from my prep class. I ended up having a snack about 2 hours later.

I got tons of mail today including three new products to test out. I am super excited for all of them and I will try and get up at least partial reviews tomorrow. Here is one of them:

Can’t wait to try this stuff. I have seen it on Kath’s blog so many times and couldn’t wait to try it for my self….I love  fruity jams.

Looking back on today, its been a pretty great one. And it only got better around dinner time, when my mom took me to my favorite restaurant.

I went here a few weeks ago and did a pretty extensive review, but today was all about the eats.

I started with the spicy veggie juice that I ordered last time…but it tasted different and not as enjoyable, maybe it was just a different mix of veggies or different amounts.

Next up was THE BEST GAZPACHO I have ever had. This bowl was devoured in about .3 seconds, it was that good. SO creamy and perfectly seasoned.

 For my entrée I ordered one of the specials: Live Ratatouille. Sadly, I completely forgot to take picture of my dish before destroying it. :) oops. It had raw corn, red peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, olives, basil, and romaine all marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil , and italian herbs….and it was awesome. I ordered sautéed chicken on top for some protein, kind of defeating the raw, vegan purpose of the meal. Oh well.

Even after all that food, my mom and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try one of their delectable vegan, gluten free deserts. We ordered the Double Chocolate Ganache Cake.

I swear I have died and gone to heaven. I don’t know how the chefs did it, but they are talented. They created one of the best deserts I have ever had without flour or animal products. This slice was amazingly moist, chewy, and oh so chocolatey. It tasted like dark chocolate on steroids! And I loved the chunky pieces of fudge layered in side the cake.

done and done

After our evening of bliss, we headed over to the grocery store to pick up a few things for China.

instant oats, freeze dried fruit, raisins, larabar, shampoo, travel soap, hand sanitizer, and a soap holder

I am bringing tons of snacks with me (these are only some of them) for the 18 hour flight and all of the sightseeing we are going to be doing. I will show you all my final luggage once I am all packed to go.

I am off to bed….I have another early wake up call tomorrow.

Happy Hump day!


PS. Here’s a cute pic of Ell-Bell from today.

What a cutie.

PSS. I am thinking about doing a Q&A post in the next few weeks, so I am asking you guys to leave any questions you have for me in the comments section or email me at! I would love to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Hump Day Sundae

  1. Eww SAT, that does not sound fun. Good luck to ya though. The sundae for b-fast looks just absolutely amazing. Your creations are awesome girly! Have a great Thursday night.
    XO Whit♥

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